LTD At The Social

Twelve years on and maybe its time for a rethink. The Social has been serving music, food and drink to Londoners since 1999, even going on to win a handful of awards in the process. But on the verge of becoming a teenager, the people behind the bar decided that maybe a change was as good as a rest. So, the autumn of 2011 will see the upstairs bar radically shaken down, though not in any visible way.
The change will come in the drinks served as the bar adopts a unique concept – just sell the best of the best. Alco-mist Dre Masso will take up residence behind the bar for a limited time to set the ball rolling whilst working alongside a committee of industry experts to select which drinks we’ll be serving. Simplicity and quality are the only factors – why have fifteen vodkas and ten rums if you can do all you want to do with just one? The same applies with the beers served. Just a few of the very best London breweries will be represented as – in our humble opinion – you don’t have to look too far at the moment for the country’s very best beers.

Other than the drinks served, the upstairs bar will retain all the elements that have made it successful over the years. Normal service resumes – just with much, much better booze.

A rebuild and clean up of the downstairs bar will also take place in the coming months – but that’s another story all together.

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