Looking For The Moon Under The Water

The Search For The Perfect Pub: Looking For The Moon Under Water

Robin Turner and Paul Moody launched their brilliant new book last week in the upstairs bar.

‘What is the perfect British pub? Although it’s an innocuous enough question, the answer will likely be entirely different dependant on the person asked and their state of mind at the time. Having turned 40 this year, my current vision of public house perfection is barely recognisable from the boozer I idly dreamt of as a twenty year old. Or as a thirty year old. I’m pretty certain that if my embattled liver holds out for the next ten, twenty – God knows, maybe even thirty – years, that mental image of the perfect pub will keep on evolving and mutating, undergoing mental refurbishments as my personal taste dictates the volume of music and what type of beer ends up flowing from the taps . . ‘


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