New Exhibition – Zane Cunningham

Zane Cunningham, like most great night-life photographers, started out taking pictures whilst partying and DJing with his friends. Over the last three years Zane has upped his game and developed his own instantly recognisable super-fresh, tone-perfect style.

Over the past 12 months he has documented the legendary Southern Hospitality club nights, Players Ball and Hip Hop Karaoke, and the shots that make up this exhibition are the result.

Zane’s photography has managed to capture the unique positivity, vibrancy and pure energy of the events perfectly. And being shot by Cunningham has become as much a part of these nights as doing a turn on the mic at The Social or dancing down the front with J-Bo and friends at Camp.

The exhibition is up now in the ground floor bar.  Join on Wednesday 11th January for the launch party upstairs from 6.30pm.

Launch Party Event

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