Friday Night Disco

With Anna Greenwood (Guilty Pleasures) and guests.

Start the weekend with a basement bash of Friday night frolicking as Anna and friends bring you pop, rock, disco and a dollop of good old fashioned fun.

Dancing positively encouraged.

Everyone knows Friday night is the best night of the week. It’s a simple fact. Why else is do we thank Crunchie it is Friday? There aren’t any American themed diners serving enticing fat-congealed platters of fried orange foods called T.G.I. Tuesday are there? Even old misery faced King Goth Robert Smith declared he was in love with Friday. But he also used to rob his mum’s lippy and his hair is a right sight so maybe he isn’t the best ambassador for this.

Anna Greenwood (Guilty Pleasures resident dj / singer and show off) will instead be our Friday ambassador henceforth and is here to start your weekend the way it’s meant to – with music, dancing and good old-fashioned FUN all in the underground hedonists hang out that is the Social at the Friday Night Disco!

Flinging themselves about behind the decks, Anna and February’s guest Lulu le Vay will be playing pop, rock, disco, 80s soul and records that you know all the words to that sound even better after a pint.

Feel the work woe slip away as a jukebox of joy gets your weekend off to a super start and have you dancing your shoes off, punching the air with glee and singing all the all the way home on the night bus much to the delight of your fellow passengers.

Come and join us on Friday 17th for a right good knees up and disco dancing good times!


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