The London Particular At The Social

The London Particular residency at the bar is due to finish at the end of next week, so if you haven’t had a chance to get down and try their brilliant food then do it now!!

We have all been blown away by the new dishes that Becky, Kanji and crew have been serving up every day and have loved having them take over our kitchen for the last two months.  We hope to get them back in again some time in the future for another residency.

They have put in long hours to make it happen, we’d like to thank them for all their hard work – it’s been a pleasure to have them all around.

Don’t forgot to go and try out their cafe in New Cross where all the social dishes and lots lots more can be found 7 days a week (and the best coffee too!)

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The London Particular – ”A thick pea soup, named after the blanket smogs for which London was famous in the 1950’s… a real pea souper.”

For a short time, the fine people from The London Particular will be taking up residence in our kitchen and giving the menu a radical shake up.

The results over the trial period of the last two weeks have been jaw-droppingly brilliant. Word is already spreading that the bar is now offering really great locally sourced, homemade, affordable food.

In case you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, you can enjoy the likes of Beef, Kernel & Bramley stew, Slow Cooked Pork Belly Rolls, Jerusalem Artichoke and Ginger Soup and Homemade Sourdough Doughnuts. There are regular specials and everything can be eaten in or served as a takeaway.

The London Particular itself is located just over the bridge from New Cross Railway station in south east London. It serves freshly cooked food from local, independent suppliers. Everything they serve is a blend of hearty, British, well sourced, served in a tin bowl and embellished with distinct spices and flavours. It’s all healthy, natural and impeccably tasty. They like to be Particular.

Email to book in for lunch or dinner.

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– Dalimar Portuguese potato crisps £ 2.00

– Smoked mackerel & heritage potato frittata w homemade garlic mayo £ 4.00

– Side mixed salad (V) £ 3.00

– The London Particular selection of dips & flatbread (V) (Pea dip – Beetroot hummus – Sweet potato & ginger) £ 4.80

– Harissa Pork Ribs  £6.00

– Sharing platter (selection of dips, flatbread, Spanish Gordal olives, cured meat, organic Largueta almonds & pickles) £ 9.00


In a sourdough bun  (add Crisps £ 1.50 / mixed salad £ 2.50)

– Mixed marinated beetroot, roast leeks, pea dip & mature cheddar (V) £ 6.50

– Merguez sausage, caramelised onions, roast garlic mayo £ 5.90  (add cheddar – 80p)

– Slow cooked Pork belly, celeriac remoulade with leaves £ 7.00


The London Particular hot specials

Small £ 4.00   Large £ 6.00 (add Mash of the day £ 1.80 / Sourdough toast £ 0.80)

Recent dishes have included: Spiced beef & black bean stew – Arbroath smokie chowder with corn salsa – Jerusalem artichoke, potato & ginger dish – Puy lentil and coconut with greens & roast baby squash – Venison, parsnip & oyster mushroom stew – Beef shin, Bramley & kernel ale stew – Braised cannellini, squash & cavalo nero with pecorino


– Sourdough doughnuts (plain or lemon curd) £ 1.80 / £ 2.00

– The ice cream Union (vanilla or dark chocolate) £ 2.50


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