Anyone Can Play Guitar

Tuesday 24th April

A massive night of music and film from the brilliant Idle Fret and a huge cast of guests.


Anyone Can Play Guitar – film screening

Mark Gardener (Ride) – acoustic set

Listing Ships

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Jon Spira and Hank Starrs (Anyone Can Play Guitar) – DJ set

Matt (Truck Store) – DJ set

Oxedelica DJ’s

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Doors 6.00pm ’til Midnight *** film screening starts at 7pm sharp ***

25 x £5 early bird tickets available now. Next 25 early bird tickets will be priced at £7.50. £10 advance after limited early bird tickets have sold out.


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Mark Gardener

Mark Gardener from Shoegaze legends Ride will be doing an acoustic set featuring songs from Ride’s back catalogue and his brilliant solo record These Beautiful Ghosts, as well as some new material.

Listing Ships

Listing Ships is a nautical themed instrumental quartet, landlocked in Oxford, making epic music inspired by the precision of Tortoise and Shipping News, the sonic palette of Holy Fuck and Tarentel and the explorations of krautrock. None of them can swim.

Anyone Can Play Guitar (film screening) –

*** Recommended in the NME “20 Music Films You Need To See! ***

It’s funny how certain music scenes have become legendary – Merseybeat in the 60′s, London’s summer of punk in the 70′s, Sheffield’s Electro 80′s and Manchester’s ‘Baggy’ 90′s. When you break them down, they’re just a small handful of bands making very similar music during a very short but high-profile period.

When people talk about regional music scenes, they never talk about Oxford. Yet Oxford’s tight music community has been steadily producing genre-defining bands of the highest quality and integrity for pushing 30 years.

RIDE – who created (and indirectly named) the Shoegaze genre, TALULAH GOSH – the enfant terribles of Riot Girl, Britpop legends SUPERGRASS, Creation’s Alt-Rock heroes SWERVEDRIVER, current Post-Punk/Math-Rock phenomenon FOALS and – oh yeah – RADIOHEAD all came directly from this one scene. They built and took inspiration from it, they got support and encouragement from it, they cut their teeth in its venues and ultimately were launched into worldwide success from it.

But nobody’s ever heard of it.

So now, all of those bands, along with their less-succesful friends and contemporaries and the promoters, managers, journalists, record label owners and gig-goers who built the scene tell their story.

Anyone Can Play Guitar is not like most music docs. Using the unheard stories of some of the greatest bands and the greatest stories of some of the unheard bands as the backdrop to a truly unique and epic saga of success, failure, good intentions and bad outcomes. It refuses to mythologise and explores what can be achieved with community and the harsh realities of the music industry.

From the DIY spirit of the early 80′s right through to the controversial corporatisation of Oxford’s best-loved venue, ACPG tracks three decades of highs and lows in a punchy, really engaging style.

The film is narrated by cult comedian Stewart Lee

ACPG was made completely independently by film-maker and music video director Jon Spira over the course of three years.

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