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OO is back with a three part bill of brilliant young bands.  Phonographic interludes supplied by the Swamp Dance djs

http://www.supajam.com/blog/article/Fat-White-Family . . .

‘It’s been an age since London has seen a band capable of enraging and entertaining in equal measure. When Lias says it’s a lot of effort to put on a show he isn’t being facetious. Fat White Family have developed a hardcore fanbase in their South London home eager to catch their maniac, visceral live shows, the band howling, tearing at their instruments, crashing around the stage, all the time locked onto an irresistible garage groove. Part Bash Street Kids, part missing-on-the-side-of-a-milk-carton kids, they conjure a dark, euphoric symbiosis of chaos and rhythm that hasn’t been heard since the Happy Mondays launched their joyous catastrophe onto an unsuspected world, or Pete n’ Carl set sail to Albion….

Formed on the spur of the moment from the fag ends of a gaggle of local garage bands, Fat Whites first incarnation came as a big band.  Now down to a 6 piece, made up of Saul, brothers Lias and Nathan (keyboards), drummer Dan, Jack Payne on bass, and Adam from One Man Destruction Show on screaming lead guitar, they reckon they’ve passed through their ‘mad experimental stages’, and have got a sound they’re settled on- a propulsive brew of swaggering psychedelia, bare bones garage, and snarling fables of numbness, boredom and sex delivered by the hyper-kinetic Lias.

The band are planning to release an album in the summer through small independent Trash Mouth, as well as an EP or two, but in general they’re not too fussed about trying to rodeo on some sort of bucking rock n roll gravy train. Saul, in particular had his fill of the high life with his short, disastrous tenure being signed to Sony as one of much hyped urchin rockers The Metros.’


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