Schizodelic Sounds

Schizodelic Sound – Friday 27th April 

Mixing Mods with Rockers, Punks with Proggers, Concrete Jungle with African Bush, Brazilian Nuggets with Turkish Delights, Sweet’n’Sour Krauts with Big Macs and Crisp Rappers with Cheesy Ravers any flavour is for the tasting. Based on a super tight blend of three amigos triple-teaming behind the decks The Schizodelic Sound shall make one shake thy rattle, rok ya Rolex and get on up to get on down. With much unexpected diggings alongside stone-cold classics from the most open book of musical revelry there is a sound for one and all to rejoice in!

Spear headed by DJ Guy C (Gorillaz Sound System and The Bees Tour DJ, throwing it down on the decks like a man possessed), Aaron Fletcher (The Bees main man, song writer and internationally treasured musical innovator) and Tim Rockins (Zombie Flesh Eater, mindblowing maximalist artist and graphical craftsman busting with the A to Z of sound).  It all adds up to the most ridiculously dope record box you’ve ever looked in, combined with Kaleidoscopically-psychephrenic lightshows, visuals and animated posters The Schizodelic Sound is here. Fundamentally with the  basic ideal of keeping the dance floor alive.

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