Mobile Library

Wednesday 31st October and always the last Wednesday of the month in the upstairs bar . . 

A monthly night of Soundtracks, Library Music and Adult Exotica; ideal tunes for setting the world to rights in a booth.

Mobile Library Top 5

5 – Brian Bennett – Chase Side Shoot Up – More famously known as the theme tune from BBC Golf Highlights. “Play the Golf one,” is a familiar shout at the Mobile Library. So I always do. 

4 – Stefano Liberati – Shark Jazz – If a tune was called “Shark Jazz” and wasn’t any good it would be a massive disappointment. Fortunately this as awesome as a tune involving Sharks on an Italian Soundtrack album should be.

3 – Sven Libaek – Dark World – The Xylophone solo about halfway through confirms this as true elevator music and interestingly from Australia. 

2 – Claudja Barry – Love For The Sake Of Love – Claudja Barry was in Boney M, a staggering fact considering how excellent this solo disco ballad is.

1 – Moondog – Bird’s Lament – As borrowed by Mr Scruff, recorded in 1969 by New York Street musician Moondog who dressed like a Viking and invented percussion instruments.  A more interesting career path than the majority of us. 

A special Mobile Library mix can be streamed/ downloaded from The Mobile Library Volume 1

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