Arcadia Meets Social Uptown

To coincide with The Social Christmas Market our good friend John Andrews will be installing ‘Andrews of Arcadia meets The Social Uptown – A Takeaway Exhibition of Vintage Angling Ephemera and Occasional Artworks For the Soul’ on the walls and in the alcoves of The Social at 5 Little Portland Street in the district of London known as W1.

In addition to framed Abu art, including a rare piece by Anders Osterlin of Arbman and a pair of 19th Century Red Deer Antlers by Adsetts of Derby, the bar will be festooned with very special Arcadian beermats produced by the artist and man of ink Martin Clark of Tilley Printing.

Each piece in the exhibition, which will run through December into the heart of midwinter, will be for sale for immediate takeaway or later delivery/collection by arrangement.  A pricelist will be available behind the bar and all further enquiries should be directed to me on field telephone 07890 274 383.

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