Re-tox with Faber

Faber Social invites you to RE-TOX on Tuesday 29th January  

Our first Faber Social of 2013 is free and will celebrate the gloriously restorative powers of alcohol, and in particular beer, with the UK premiere screening of a remarkable film by Maxy Bianco, The Can House.

Where else but in the Badlands of Hartlepool might you find a house, constructed Hansel and Gretel-like, out of 75,000 cans of Fosters?

Maxy Bianco’s 45 minute documentary on Hartlepool’s Can House and its architects/Tennants (sic) is a celebration of a folk-art phenomenon that only makes sense in the Northeast.

Here is a taster

Maxy will be in conversation with The Culture Show’s Michael Smith, after this unique screening of The Can House film.  Believe me: it is unmissable.

And there will be beer.

Email to reserve a place on the door.

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