Dockwood by Jon McNaught

Our new exhibition comprises original artwork from Jon McNaught’s comic book ‘Dockwood’ Published by Nobrow in 2012. The French edition of Dockwood (Automne) won the Prix Révélation award at the Angouleme Festival this year.

Dockwood is a study of a cloudy tuesday in autumn, in a small english town. It follows a kitchen porter in a nursing home, and a paperboy delivering papers after school; both performing there daily tasks as the season changes around them. It is about small details of an ordinary day, from the brightly lit billboards to the restless starlings, from the daytime TV shows to the falling oak leaves.

The artwork is painted on 2 or 3 overlayed sheets of drafting Film (using brush and Ink), before being lithographically printed in spot colours. The images on display each consist of 2 seperate layers overlayed in the frame. Text and sometimes additional colours are added afterwards, and the pages are scaled down by 15 percent.

Jon McNaught lives in Bristol, England where he works as a printmaking instructor at the University of the West of England, he also produces comic books for Nobrow Press, sells prints with St Judes and is an illustrator and contributor for Caught by the River

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