Damo and Andrew

Idle Fret Presents:


Damo Suzuki

Listing Ships


Andrew Weatherall

Luke Insect

Mark Raison (Monkey Picks)

Darren Brooker (Idle Fret)

Plus very special guests

Limited £7.50 Early Bird tickets are now SOLD OUT

 £10 advance tickets are available at www.wegottickets.com/idlefret

£12.50 on the door

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▲ Damo Suzuki

Damo Suzuki needs no introduction right? Right.

The Can legend will be performing a very special set for us with his band of sound carriers, featuring some very special guests!

 Listing Ships

Listing Ships are a nautically-themed, instrumental quartet who skilfully blend their ferocious wall of sound guitar histrionics with Holy Fuck influenced electronica and jazz rhythms.

They cite inspirations from classic krautrock like Can, Harmonia and Neu!, sample-heavy intricate electronica like Boards Of Canada, Amon Tobic, plus expansive, exploratory guitar music like Tarentel, The Alps and Collections Of Colonies Of Bees.

▲ Andrew Weatherall

The legend that is Andrew Weatherall needs no introduction either!

We are very honoured to have Andrew grace the record decks at this very special show. Expect to hear fantastic records of the highest order!

 Luke Insect

We are pleased to say that cult graphic designer and illustrator Luke Insect has designed the ace poster for this show and we can’t wait to hear some of his great record collection when he DJs on the night.

▲ Mark Raison (Monkey Picks)

Beatnik Modernist who rambles about records, books, films, art and stuff on his excellent Monkey Picks blog. Mark has one of the best record collections of anyone we know, so there will plenty of brilliant 45′s played on the night.








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