Our man Jimmy

Our man Jimmy Plates can be found almost every Friday playing the very best records in the upstairs bar. 

Jimmy is a producer, DJ and record collector with an endless passion for sharing music. Having worked with the cream of US and UK talent, Jimmy has also created music for radio and TV and has over 15 years experience supplying records and breaks to luminaries such as DJ Premier, DJ Shadow and Grandmaster Flash.

Jimmy has played much-loved clubs and events all over London and beyond and knows a groove when he spots one, having spotted thousands throughout his career!

Here’s some links to his mixes

Slick Rick “Twelve 12″s” mix

High-Top Hustlers – Jimmy’s mix of late 80’s “running man” tracks

Crunk Rock – the unedited version of his X-FM takeover mix

Loft Conversion – Pietro Platini & Pete Humphries


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