Make Noise Exhibition

Make Noise – A portrait exhibition from the Make Noise electronic recycling club tour, by Nic Serpell-Rand. Launching mid April at The Social.

In November 2012, European Recycling Platform (ERP) and Heavenly Recordings formed a unique partnership and the Make Noise Electronic Recycling Tour was born. Make Noise was a club tour, a showcase for some of the UK’s most exciting musical talent, a programme of workshops and support for music colleges, and an online music project designed to raise awareness about the importance of recycling electronics.

Radio One’s Benji B headlined the tour with some of the country’s best DJs and took it to events staged in Belfast, Bristol, Leeds, Glasgow and London. Entry was free to anyone who brought along something to recycle: an old mobile phone, a hair dryer, some batteries or even a broken TV – anything with a plug or a battery!

Along the way tour-photographer, Nic Serpell-Rand, set up a mini studio in each club and captured these fantastic portraits of the clubbers and the things they brought along as their ‘entry fee’. “When Make Noise asked me to document the tour, we thought it would be a great opportunity to try something a little different from the usual style of club photography. All the portraits were taken in the clubs that we visited. The idea behind them was to take the subject out of the context of the environment, concentrating on just them and their recycled item in a classic portrait style. We met all sorts of people along the way, and got some engaging (and slightly odd) results. Hopefully this will encourage people to find out about Make Noise and the wider message behind the project.”

There are more mobile phones and laptops than people in the UK and not nearly enough of our electronics are recycled when they break or we move on to the latest, newest thing. Perhaps these portraits hint at our relationship with these gadgets, which at one time hold so much importance in our lives, and how we then dispose of them – either joyfully or regretfully!

Either way, the idea behind Make Noise is to get people recycling their broken or unwanted electronics: the materials used to make electronic goods are valuable and can be used to make new products; recycling also protects the environment and stops e-waste going to landfill.Make Noise is plotting another tour this year with a run of even bigger events: it’s time to Make More Noise! Find out more about the project upcoming dates and how you can get involved at


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