Election Section – All Nighter!


An all night election party in the upstairs bar of The Social – Thursday 7th May from 23:00

Full TV coverage on the big screen and Bowers and Wilkins sound system as the results start to come in from 11pm through to early morning . .

It’s election night. You’re at your wits end waiting for the results. You’ve got a playlist of a handful of Billy Bragg, early Morrissey b-sides and a few Redskins numbers and you’re half cut on cheap lager you’ve found at the back of the fridge. You are close to crying as South Thanet is about to be called. You’re thinking THERE HAS TO BE ANOTHER WAY. And there is. Do all of the above in the comfort of the upstairs of The Social with a bunch of mad heads who are all up for staying up ’til dawn watching the whole thing and doing a load of shouting. YOU KNOW IT MAKES IMMENSE SENSE.

Drinks specials all night, constituency based drinking fun AND a free bacon sandwich* and cup of tea for all ticket holders!

Only 50 tickets available.

*veggie option available



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