Film Chat Podcast presents The (Mostly) Ungoogleable Film Night


Monday 26th October

A barrage of Google-proof cinematic quiz questions topped off with a screening of Italian horror classic TENEBRE

Prepare for a unique, bamboozling film quiz that makes an utter mockery of your attempts to cheat using the internet! Google, IMDB, a direct line to Richard Osman—all are useless in the face of our expertly crafted questions that will keep you on your toes and off your phones. Featuring edited movie montages, repurposed soundtracks, a seasonal spooky ghost story, and very probably Kevin Bacon, our sideways swipe at film trivia will be whip-smart, irreverent, and 100% certified ungoogleable. Mostly.


PLUS! With Halloween looming, we thought we’d follow up the head-scratching with some blood-curdling by screening Dario Argento’s slasher classic Tenebre. First released in 1982, but banned from sale in the UK as a “video nasty” until 1999, Tenebre is a synth-drenched masterpiece with all the serial murders, virtuoso crane shots, and metafictional commentary any horror fan could possibly ask for.

Stick around afterwards to have a drink with your hosts and listen to them shamelessly plug their podcast, Film Chat: the greatest movie podcast with more episodes than listeners. Check out our latest gabbling – news, reviews, jingles, assorted nonsense – at


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