Welcome to Burgershackland

Rob Flowers Burger Fiend and Double Burger

Burgerac’s Burgershack & The Social present

Welcome to Burgershackland

by Rob Flowers

1 September – 1 November

Welcome to Burgershackland, a magical place where you’ll meet burger blogger Burgerac as a cap-wearing, cheering glove-toting cartoon burger dude – and a host of other illustrated characters including a zen-like smoke shack producing puffs of happy smoke, a hooded wizard conjuring burger magic, and a cape-wearing burger fend. Or, to put it more simply, welcome to the mind (and artwork) of illustrator Rob Flowers – who’s been weaving burger themed dreams with The Social’s resident burger-guru Burgerac since 2011.

This solo show of Rob Flowers’ work (in situ at The Social from 1 September through to 1 November 2016) showcases characters created since 2014 as part of the ever colourful brand identity of Burgerac’s Burgershack.

Rob is based in East London and his studio is not simply a work space but a place for him to surround himself with the things he takes more inspiration from. Collectible fgures, toys and no small amount of McDonalds ephemera from the late 70s to late 80s abound and the sheer volume of his collection threatens the structural integrity of many a well-laden shelf. “Ideally,” Rob tells us, “ I’d like to live in a land of hamburger patches, milkshake volcanoes and fllet-o-fsh lakes.”

While milkshake volcanoes are still very much in the R & D stage of things, patches, enamel pin badges, T-shirts and a whole bunch of super awesome Rob Flowers x Burgerac’s Burgershack merch is on the way and will be launched during the exhibition. A Big Shack and a Fillet-o-Fish inspired special will appear on the menu too – so stay tuned to the relevant streams to fnd out more as and when.




For any further details and press images, please contact Gavin Lucas on burgeracblog@gmail.com or on +44 (0) 7957 489 893

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