Election Section – US Presidential Election All Nighter


The Social and www.simplepolitics.co.uk present

The Election Section – All Nighter US Edition


Nov 8th – 11pm

It’s one of the biggest elections in the world. Environment takes on business. More citizenship takes on border walls. Keeping Obamacare takes on reforming Obamacare. Yes, it’s Hilary vs Trump. Whoever wins, it’s going to change America and impact the world. The stakes couldn’t be higher. So… let’s have a bit of fun with it.

After the roaring success of 2015, The Social’s Election Section returns to follow the events stateside through the night. We’ll have two huge screens and our stunning sound-system keeping you up to date all as everything comes in. We’ll have state dependent drinks offers, we’ll have experts from the Simple Politics team on hand to discuss issues and we’ll have the best in US and UK craft drinks on hand to help you through.



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