Charity Super Bowl Party

After 7 sold out years – the Super Bowl returns to The Social!

It’s not a complicated formula. We put up a few huge screens, we get in a load of quality booze, serve up sandwich specials like you wouldn’t believe and play some awesome tunes before kick off.

It may not be complicated – but it works pretty darn well. Every single ticket we’ve ever made available has sold. Every one.

Oh – and let’s talk charity. We’ve raised over £13,000 for charity. We’re aiming for £2k + this year alone. It’ll all go to SCI – a charity that protects vulnerable people in Africa from a horrible disease called Schistosomiasis. The good news is they can protect a child fora year for just 33p. Your £9 ticket will protect 27 people. Together we can protect over 6,000 people.

So yeah – it’s good for you and it’s good for them. Come on down.


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