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Anna’s Summer Top 5


Anna Greenwood’s Top 5 records to get you dancing this summer, or any summer . . or Friday at her Friday Night Disco!

St Etienne – Only Love Can Break Your Heart 

Heavenly classic for the Heavenly Social!


Beyonce – Love on Top

I will never tire of this. The hat, the thighs, the key change upon key change upon key change upon key change…


Chic – Dance Dance Dance

Do what Nile tells you!


Talking Heads – Life During Wartime

Best backing dancers EVER. Everybody run on the spot – NOW!


Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines

Ignoring the fact it is a massively sexist video, it’s still a belter of a pop song.

Head down Friday night to hear records like this and loads more – free before 9pm!

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Anna Greenwood (sm)-0033

Anna Greenwood’s Friday Night Disco is back this Friday at the bar. 

Her parties bring you the very best in pop, rock, disco and a dollop of good old fashioned fun with dancing positively encouraged from the off – Anna generally leads from the front in this respect!

The Queen of Guilty Pleasures took the time to answer these questions I stole from a copy of Smash Hits from 1982 . .

If you were called up to fight in a war, would you (a) join up, (b) plead insane, (c) emigrate, or (d) be a conscientious objector?

I’d like to think ‘d’, but often this involves staying in tents or up trees in protest and I am not one for outdoor living. Bricks and electricity are two of my favourite things. So maybe ‘b’ is the best option here.

Who do you think is the silliest person in pop music?

Chris Brown for being such a massive bastard.

What are your ambitions?

Grammy / Oscar / Emmy / Tony. In any order would be fine, ta.

Ever posed in front of a mirror pretending to be somebody?

Yes, every day. Was Madonna betwixt the ages of seven and er 27. Now it’s a combo of Donna Summer, Grace Jones, Tina Turner, Lady Gaga AND Madonna. Like a compilation album in 3-d.

Is there anything in life worse than going to the launderette?

An ill fitting shoe. Oh and you know, war, poverty, George Osborne etc.

Were you ever beaten up at school

No, but I punched Robert Guest in the dinner queue once. And I kicked a girl at Guides. They (the Guides) rang my mum and suggested I didn’t come back again. In my defence, the girl was being a bit racist, but Robert Guest really hadn’t done much wrong. Poor Robert Guest. Punched by a girl.

If you were an animal, what kind would you be?

A lion would be good, being all proud and boss of the jungle and that, but the lady ones don’t get the manes and that’s what it’s all about really. I wouldn’t want to be a man lion. I wouldn’t want to be a man. So maybe a lady lion in a mane wig. It could start a craze in the lion world.

What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened to you recently?

Warming up for a school band and then Billy Ocean within the space of a couple of hours.  I am a very hip dj.

What’s the best thing about finally becoming successful?

Oh God, is this the best it gets?

And what’s the worst thing about it?

The reality that this is the best it gets.

If you weren’t a pop star, what world you like to be?

Can I be a pop star first and then see what else I fancy please?

Where would you most like to live?

In a castle made of gold.


FND Jul-Sep

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Telegram + Love L.U.V.


Idle Fret and Heavenly Jukebox presents a special one off Saturday night show in the basement of our gaff, The Social on Saturday 6th July

Free entry, good vibes!



“…the new band whose name is travelling at illegal speeds after a recent standout BBC 6Music session… Telegram haven’t even recorded any demos yet, but you’d be smart to start following them right away” NME

Listen to the Marc Riley session here

Love L.U.V.

Garage pop-psych four piece formed in the summer of 2012 and borrowing their name from The Shangri-Las classic ‘Give Him A Great Big Kiss’. Watch the video for the track ‘In My Daydreams’ here: http://youtu.be/NHCS2ebMAS0

PLUS special guest DJs

Heavenly Jukebox

Roman Remains – a new project by talismanic singer Liela Moss and guitarist Toby Butler of the The Duke Spirit.

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TCM returns for a Summer Steppa’s Special, with some of the capitals finest selectors delivering the very finest in upfront house, garage, bashment and bass.




DANDY (Sierra Leone)

Headlining the TCM Summer Special is none other than Rinse FM mainstay and recent Katy B collaborator BRACKLES, who’s heavy selection of quality UK funky, house, bass mutations and classic 2-step has seen him placed as one of the UK’s very best underground talents.

Flex FM regular and legendary London DJ SCIENTIST follows, with over a decade of experience appearing on some of the capitals finest pirates, and a bag of tunes that can head anywhere from stand late 80s house to the finest garage and grime, the man is bound to bring a peerless selection.

Support comes from NTS Radio and Special Request resident LOUIS NOT LEWIS providing the best in house, bass and R&B refractions, whilst Sierra Leone sonic explorer the DANDY man brings his finest dutty selection for a touch of the Motherland.

Listen to Scientist’s exclusive Special Request mix

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Very Special Idle Fret

Idle Fret Damo Suzuki The Social June 2013 Poster

This show is simply massive, brilliant line up of bands and DJs including Heavenly’s very own TOY playing exclusively on stage with Damo Suzuki, Andrew Weatherall, Luke Insect and loads more.


Tuesday 25th June – Idle Fret Presents:

With very special guests

Damo Suzuki

Andrew Weatherall – DJ set


Listing Ships


Luke Insect – DJ set

Mark Raison (Monkey Picks) – DJ set

Tier One: Limited £7.50 Early Bird tickets are now SOLD OUT

Tier Two: £10 advance tickets are available at www.wegottickets.com/idlefret

£12.50 on the door

▲ Damo Suzuki

Damo Suzuki needs no introduction right? Right.

The Can legend will be performing a very special set for us with his band of sound carriers.

▲ Andrew Weatherall

The legend that is Andrew Weatherall needs no introduction either!

We are very honoured to have Andrew grace the record decks at this very special show. Expect to hear fantastic records of the highest order!


Idle Fret favourites and one of the best bands in the country right now! TOY will be coming down to play an exclusive set with Damo Suzuki.

▲ Listing Ships

Listing Ships are a nautically-themed, instrumental quartet who skillfully blend their ferocious wall of sound guitar histrionics with Holy Fuck influenced electronica and jazz rhythms.

They cite inspirations from classic krautrock like Can, Harmonia and Neu!, sample-heavy intricate electronica like Boards Of Canada, Amon Tobic, plus expansive, exploratory guitar music like Tarentel, The Alps and Collections Of Colonies Of Bees

‘Reminiscent of similarly relentless Factory Floor, Listing Ships are bursting with exciting ideas. Their seemingly unending and coruscating guitar lines and excellent drumming are the foundation of a superb set’ – The Line of Best Fit

▲ Mwahaha

All the way from Oakland, California and special guests at the Warp Records showcase at this years SXSW, Mwahaha will bring their spiraling sonic landscapes of instruments filtered through an array of analogue synths. Analog drum machines exist in harmony with live drums over morphing walls of sound and haunting vocals, sounding something like acid-dropping monks bellowing Gregorian chants tinged with a starburst of colours.

‘An inspired exercise in dynamics that could induce bright ecstasy or full panic, or both’ – Spin Magazine

▲ Luke Insect

We are pleased to say that cult graphic designer and illustrator Luke Insect has designed the ace poster for this show and we can’t wait to hear some of his great record collection when he DJs on the night.

▲ Mark Raison (Monkey Picks)

Beatnik Modernist who rambles about records, books, films, art and stuff on his excellent Monkey Picks blog. Mark has one of the best record collections around, so there will plenty of brilliant 45’s played on the night.








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Telling Stories


Monday 8th July

Faber Social is proud to present TELLING STORIES – an evening with Tim Burgess plus special guests including Mark Collins (The Charlatans), John Doran (The Quietus) and Jack Underwood (Poet, Faber and O Genesis) with more to be confirmed.

This intimate one-off event at The Social, London will combine readings and music to celebrate the publication of the paperback of Telling Stories (Penguin, 4 July 2013, £9.99), the eye-wateringly honest memoir by the front man of The Charlatans. The new paperback edition contains a whole new chapter with brand new material that takes the story up to 2013.

There are only a limited number of tickets available for this event. There are two ticket types available, entrance only and entrance including a copy of the book, both on a first-come, first-served basis.

When they’re gone, they’re gone. Good luck!

Tickets are now on sale via Eventbrite

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Saturday night


Saturday 8th June


Upstairs . .


DJs on the night playing 12 x 12 inch records:

Rob Pursey, Superix, Jimmy Plates, J-Squared, Drew Huge, Darren + Leroy Nockolds

The concept of the ‘Twelve 12″s’ mixes started as an idea in 2009. Like many DJs, having already switched over for many years to use MP3’s & a laptop, Rob was playing through his record crates, and basically just realised how much great music he had still had on wax . . READ ON HERE


Downstairs . .



Choice Cuts (Eastern Electrics), The Fresh Sprinz (Zulu Flexx) + DJ Uno and Chris Crooks (Public Life)

Following in the best traditions of music helping a good cause, Wild Style will be laying on a night to meet your musical needs and all that is required is a cheeky £5 donation to Link Community Development, less than the price of a happy meal (possibly…). Inspired by the early hip hop pioneers like Kool Herc and Afrika Bambaataa, who used the profits from their legendary block parties to fund community projects, we’ve taken over one of London’s hottest venues for a one-off musical event that will tickle your taste buds . . READ ON HERE

Doors 5pm-1am – Free entry all night upstairs / Downstairs £5

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More birds


Last year we hosted a beautiful exhibition of birds from Matt Sewell and i’m delighted to say that Matt is back!

To celebrate the launch of his new book, which there is more info about below, Matt has printed a selection of song birds for the upstairs bar.

Our Songbirds – A Songbird For Every Week Of The Year

By Matt Sewell

In this beautiful follow-up to 2012’s hit, Our Garden Birds, street artist Matt Sewell offers more watercolours and quirky descriptions of British songbirds.

In Matt’s world, the peewit sings the blues, and the bittern fills his neck ‘like a tweed pair of bellows’. Distinctive and enchanting, with a songbird for each week of the year, this delightful gift book will appeal to birders, children and adults, and art and design fans alike.

With a Foreword by Charlatans’ lead singer (and keen birdwatcher) Tim Burgess

Matt Sewell, author of the bestselling Our Garden Birds (Ebury, 2012), has illustrated for The Guardian, Big Issue, and the V&A amongst many others; painted and exhibited in London, Manchester, New York, Tokyo and Paris, as well as being an avid ornithologist and regular contributor to the Caught by the River website. He lives in Shrewsbury with his partner and young daughter.




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Hot Wuk Wednesdays

Flyer - Soca Gold Launch Party at Hot Wuk Wednesdays - May 2013

This week it’s all about soca, rum and carnival wining!

Rags, flags, whistles and horns #soca #soca #soca

FREE GIVEAWAYS of the brand new Soca Gold CD and special guest TriniGladiata.





100% DANCING + 100% SMILING + 100% PASSION
100% DANCING + 100% SMILING + 100% PASSION
100% DANCING + 100% SMILING + 100% PASSION



The next few weeks . . 

Flyer - Ragga Ragga Ragga Launch Party at Hot Wuk Wednesdays - May 2013Flyer - Sir DJ Corey's Birthday Bash at Hot Wuk Wednesdays - June 2013

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Matt Black


Slipped Disco returns to its occasional central London home on Sat 25th May and invites the legendary electronic innovator Matt Black, of Coldcut fame, to demonstrate his and Ninja Tunes latest invention, the Ninja Jamm.

Developed by Matt as part of his ongoing quest into new innovations (his past triumphs includes bringing sampled music into the British charts and creating the first UK house music hits), the Ninja Jamm is a new tool for reworking recorded music live. This will be Matt’s first London showing of the technology and offers the audience the chance to get up close and personal.

Parisian electronic indie pop duo The Penelopes were inspired to start their band by early UK electronic acts such as New Order and the Human League. Their updated synthpop sound first got them noticed in 2008, but it’s since their recent relocation to London, a year ago that they’ve really started to cause stir. Their single ‘Now Now Now’, released at the end of last year, has been picked up for the Sim 3 soundtrack, while their heroes, the Human League, invited them on tour in November.

DJ and host Ben Osborne, founder of Noise of Art, will be on hand to keep the dancefloor moving with a trademark eclectic set.

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