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New Richard Buckner London Show Added

Trash Aesthetics presents RICHARD BUCKNER

+ guests Will Burns (Treecreeper) and Sacri Cuori

With Richard Buckner’s first London show in six years already sold out, we’ve responded to demand from fans, and decided to add another performance. This special event at The Social, is strictly limited to 60 tickets.

“A gruff yet honeyed voice so enveloping that it feels more like a place you go than a sound you hear… Buckner remains one of the most intriguing songwriters working” – Pitchfork 8.0 / 10

Despite sharing labels with the likes of ARCADE FIRE, DINOSAUR JR and RICHMOND FONTAINE, and boasting a back catalogue of albums with contributions from members of GIANT SAND/CALEXICO, YO LA TENGO, GUIDED BY VOICES, THE MEKONS, TORTOISE & SONIC YOUTH, Richard Buckner remains something of a cult treasure. It’s most likely because he’s the real deal; a classic troubadour in the mould of TOWNES VAN ZANDT, Buckner’s rustic poetry and dreamlike imagery is delivered by a voice that defines the sound of rural America.

“The Richard Buckner vibe– and that is a big influence for me. His words are just about a sound and barely about meaning, but I could find all these crazy meanings in there.. .there are lyrics that are totally heartbreaking and beautiful and heavy” – Justin Vernon of BON IVER

“An Austere Beauty” – UNCUT 4 stars


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An Antidote To Indifference

Jeff, Robin and Andrew from Caught By The River launched their new fanzine last night at Rough Trade East.  It’s a great read but wont be around for long so go and grab one from their shop while you can.  Robin explains more about it all below.

An Antidote To Indifference is our first fanzine, although not our first venture into print (we’ve previously published two collections of essays – Words On Water and On Nature), and it’s the first time we’ve tried to properly put the site onto paper. Copied, stapled, dropped into shops and sold for less than the price of a pint. Some of the pieces have appeared on the site before, a few are previously unpublished and any mistakes are unintentional – the budget didn’t stretch to a subeditor.

As with here on the site, An Antidote To Indifference is all about the writing. Many of the writers who’ve contributed in the years since we started came to us with what they worried were bonkers ideas. In the vast majority of cases, we encouraged them to explore them fully. Whether those writers are old friends with new passions – like Nina Walsh, the girl we met back on the dancefloor at Shoom who now writes our allotment column – or new friends who approach us with brilliant ideas – like Guardian writer Jude Rogers who came to us with the idea of documenting her budding walking habit – didn’t matter. If they sounded feverish with excitement, 99 times out of 100 we were sold. In future, we’re hoping to give the fanzine over to the writers, letting some of our favourite contributors piece together their own best-ofs.

Limited quantities of the fanzine will be available through the Caught By The River webshop. This is a one off print-run, once it’s gone, it’s gone!’


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New beers are here / LTD At The Social

New beers

How to decide on the best beers in Britain? Clearly a mountainous task yet one we attacked with some relish. While the LTD committee were tirelessly supping spirits and muddling cocktails, we at the Heavenly office set about touring the country by pint glass to see if we could find the best complimentary beers to stock in the Social. As usually happens with these things, the perfect solution was just under our nose.

As the crow flies, the Camden Brewery is probably the nearest set up to The Social. Hiding away in a railway arch under the London Overground line, the brewery has been producing beers in that site for a relatively short time. Their pedigree is flawless though. Jasper, the brewery owner, is the man behind Hampstead’s brew pub The Three Horseshoes, an alco-Mecca for those in the know for some time. Setting up Camden, he took the knowledge of years of experimentation at the Horseshoes and took it public. The beers – well, we’re stocking two that we truly love. Hells is a clean, crisp lager – the best we’ve ever stocked in the bar in our humble opinion. The Pale Ale is our current favourite pint anywhere in the country – in layman’s terms, it bridges the gap between a lager and a real ale – the perfect session beer. Extremely moreish.

Camden’s success has coincided with a renewed interest in London breweries. All over the city, breweries are popping up – names like Sambrooks, Brodies, The Kernel and Redemption cropping up in discerning bars and in fridges. It’s localism at it’s very finest – the true taste of 21st century London. We’re hoping to be adding more bottles over the coming weeks. Hopefully we won’t have to look too far afield to find them.


LTD At The Social

For those that haven’t heard what we’re up to head to the link below and find out why we only have 6 bottles in the upstairs bar


Thanks to all Social-ites for embracing the LTD concept so instantly and with such enthusiasm, your smiling faces (and empty glasses) say it all. And great to see so many new faces in our beloved bar too.

Ever since chairman Eric came up with the LTD concept and brought Dre Masso into the equation we’ve been enjoying thinking differently and looking forward to the changes. We like it, and like that you are liking it too.

Now seems a good time to ‘out’ the thus far nameless ones on the committee, those previously only known as ‘industry experts’ (see the intro above), but before we do that, here’s a reminder of what the concept of LTD actually is:
The Best of the Best!

The first stage saw The Social Drinks Committee vote for their top five brands from each of the six major spirit categories (vodka, gin, rum, whiskey, agave and brandy). The committee were asked to select spirits that they considered were “All-rounders” from each section and good value for money (under £20 wholesale price). The best of the best!

The second stage was a blind tasting and comparison of the 3 finalists of each section. All spirits were sampled neat and in a cocktail. The overall winners from each category were selected for LTD’s very unique product range.

All of the brands below have something in common. They are linked to heritage and authenticity. They are respected brands and popular within their country of origin. There is also strong brand loyalty from the bartenders and all of these spirits have played an important role within the cocktail community. All are made to a very high standard.

Time to raise your glass to the committee:

Dre Masso
Eric YuHenry Besant from Strangehill
Ago Perrone from the Connaught
Gaby Moncada Pena from the Savoy
Tobias Blazques Garcia from Pinchitos
Jason Fendick from Pinchitos
Peter Dorelli formerly of the Savoy
Salvatore Calabrese of the Playboy Club
Paul Mant formerly of Quo Vadis
Jared Brown
Anistatia Miller
Dick Bradsell
Dave Broom Spirits expert
Mark Ridgewell Spirits expert
Ian Wivsnieski Spirits expert
Nick Strangeway of Hix and Strangehill

Nushi Wijewardena
Ben McFarland
Tom Sandham

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The very talented Ben Newman is the man behind our brilliant flyer image for October.

Ben has a new exhibition called ‘Masks’ on now at the Nobrow Gallery.  We recommend you get down to Great Eastern Street and take a look.

More info here www.bennewman.co.uk

Keep an eye out for the next mask in the Social series which will be in shops, flyer packs and of course The Social from early November.












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Jarvis Cocker at The Faber Social

The Faber Social night was back last Monday with an all start cast of literary big guns including Hanif KureishiEdna O’BrienStuart Evers + Sarah Hall.

That line up was obviously enough for a packed house but Faber decided to surprise us all with an extra guest, none other than Jarvis Cocker.

The night was predictably brilliant from start to finish, capped off by a song from Jarvis.

Read more about the night on the Faber Thought Fox blog review


Faber have just released Jarvis Cocker’s book ‘Mother, Brother, Lover’ a selection of sixty-six lyrics, presented with commentary and an introduction by the man himself.

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LTD At The Social

Twelve years on and maybe its time for a rethink. The Social has been serving music, food and drink to Londoners since 1999, even going on to win a handful of awards in the process. But on the verge of becoming a teenager, the people behind the bar decided that maybe a change was as good as a rest. So, the autumn of 2011 will see the upstairs bar radically shaken down, though not in any visible way.
The change will come in the drinks served as the bar adopts a unique concept – just sell the best of the best. Alco-mist Dre Masso will take up residence behind the bar for a limited time to set the ball rolling whilst working alongside a committee of industry experts to select which drinks we’ll be serving. Simplicity and quality are the only factors – why have fifteen vodkas and ten rums if you can do all you want to do with just one? The same applies with the beers served. Just a few of the very best London breweries will be represented as – in our humble opinion – you don’t have to look too far at the moment for the country’s very best beers.

Other than the drinks served, the upstairs bar will retain all the elements that have made it successful over the years. Normal service resumes – just with much, much better booze.

A rebuild and clean up of the downstairs bar will also take place in the coming months – but that’s another story all together.

Read more about it HERE

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Social Meltdown is one!

Ross’s weekly meltdown is 12 months old already! It has been host to countless brilliant guests over the last 52 weeks, from the truly legendary to the newest kids on the block.

We’re honoured and delighted to be joined by Mr Andrew Weatherall for the big birthday celebration! He is obviously one of our favourite DJs ever and is no stranger to The Social (see below), although it has actually been a really long time since he has come and played for us.

We couldn’t be happier to welcome him back behind the decks, a large brandy awaits.

Friday 30th September:

With special very guest: ANDREW WEATHERALL



Check out this rather good live mix from ’94 at The Albany.


Each and every Friday Ross Allen and The Meltdown crew present the best in music to heat you up and melt you down. There is a proper warm up and a gauranteed riot on the dancefloor. The music is whatever takes their fancy. One week the floor will be packed and rocking to the latest bass line monsters from dons, and family friends, like Silkie and Loefah and the next it’s going off to Nina Simone, James Brown and whatever else is funky. Its all about a beat, a bassline and a tune all mixed with love whatever the genre !! Come and join us weekly as we melt it down.

Doors 6pm-3am, free before 9pm, £5/£3 members


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