Shakes of the Month pt 2

Thomas Holec and Jake Johari have been busy again and have come up with another three Shakes of the Month for you

If you are a member you can get any of these beauties for £5 every day from 5-8pm.  As ever, huge props to Zane Cunningham for capturing them so brilliantly.


Ingredients: Two shots of gin, one shot of citrus juice, tablespoon of sugar/honey, handful of fresh mint, ginger beer + three dashes of angustura bitters

Method: Shake first four ingredients with cubed ice and dum pinto glass. Topped with ginger beer and drop the angustura on the top.

Glass: Highball

Garnish: Fresh mint spring and lemon slice

Santa Cruz

Ingredients: One and half shot of ocho tequila, shot of citrus juice, teaspoon of strawberry liqueur + two teaspoons of vanilla sugar

Method: Shake all the ingredients over the ice and double strain

Glass: Martini

Garnish: Strawberry

Fruity vanilla daiquiri

Ingredients: Two shots of rum, handful of seasonal fruit, one shot of lemon juice + a tablespoon of vanilla sugar

Method: Shake all the ingredients with cubed ice and strain

Glass: Martini

Garnish: Seasonal fruit



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New Exhibition – Matt Sewell

Since its first appearance in July 2009, Matt’s ‘Bird of the Week’ feature for the Caught by the River website has quickly become a cult hit.

His pop-art watercolours are distinctive and enchanting, as are his innovative descrip- tions, which see great tits ‘bossing the other birds around’, the ‘playful yet shy buoyancy’ of bullfinches and the ‘improbable’ nature of the waxwing (‘like a computer-generated samurai finch’). Now, for the first, time his original drawings and descriptions are compiled in a beautiful volume. The perfect read for bird-lovers and art and design fans alike. To launch the book, The Social is honoured to be hosting an exhibition of Matt’s birds, this will be launching April 5th.

You can find out more about Matt’s book and pre-order it HERE

A very limited edition set of beer matts as been created to celebrate the event, be quick as they will disappear.

Sambrook’s Brewery has very kindly sponsored this show, huge thank you to them for all their help.  You can enjoy Sambrooks’ Junction and Wandle beers in the upstairs bar.

‘Sambrook’s is a Battersea based craft brewer of English cask ales. Since we launched in 2008, Matt has been developing illustrations for us and we are delighted to be able to reciprocate by sponsoring Matt’s exhibitions’  Duncan Sambrook

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Original Outsider





OO is back with a three part bill of brilliant young bands.  Phonographic interludes supplied by the Swamp Dance djs . . .

‘It’s been an age since London has seen a band capable of enraging and entertaining in equal measure. When Lias says it’s a lot of effort to put on a show he isn’t being facetious. Fat White Family have developed a hardcore fanbase in their South London home eager to catch their maniac, visceral live shows, the band howling, tearing at their instruments, crashing around the stage, all the time locked onto an irresistible garage groove. Part Bash Street Kids, part missing-on-the-side-of-a-milk-carton kids, they conjure a dark, euphoric symbiosis of chaos and rhythm that hasn’t been heard since the Happy Mondays launched their joyous catastrophe onto an unsuspected world, or Pete n’ Carl set sail to Albion….

Formed on the spur of the moment from the fag ends of a gaggle of local garage bands, Fat Whites first incarnation came as a big band.  Now down to a 6 piece, made up of Saul, brothers Lias and Nathan (keyboards), drummer Dan, Jack Payne on bass, and Adam from One Man Destruction Show on screaming lead guitar, they reckon they’ve passed through their ‘mad experimental stages’, and have got a sound they’re settled on- a propulsive brew of swaggering psychedelia, bare bones garage, and snarling fables of numbness, boredom and sex delivered by the hyper-kinetic Lias.

The band are planning to release an album in the summer through small independent Trash Mouth, as well as an EP or two, but in general they’re not too fussed about trying to rodeo on some sort of bucking rock n roll gravy train. Saul, in particular had his fill of the high life with his short, disastrous tenure being signed to Sony as one of much hyped urchin rockers The Metros.’


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Never Too Much (Upstairs)

Lulu ‘Princess’ Le Vay + Justin ‘Luther’ Quirk are starting a new residency upstairs on Friday night. You can catch them on the third Friday of every month.

This will be a brilliant addition at an already legendary line up of upstairs DJs that we have week in week out.  I don’t talk about these guys enough on here, so here’s a roll call and shout to the one and only Mr Rive (every Saturday night), Mark and Matt aka Droyd and Fones who have been ever present behind that bar for years, keeping it very real (second and last Fridays), Mark and the whole amazing Neddledroppin crew every Thursday night, Jimmy Plates who is known for tearing the upstairs bar apart on the first Friday of every month and on Wednesday nights you can catch 1Xtra’s own Ronnie Herel bringing his Soulquariam vibe and Ian Pugh’s Mobile Library.

Social love goes out to all these people and the other DJs like Laura, Jamie and Mal (and anyone else who i have forgotten) who gets behind the bar every week and plays the best selection of music ever, often off vinyl and creates that special vibe.  


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The Story of The Streets Launch

We’re delighted to be hosting this rather exciting event at the bar . . 

Transworld Publishers and The Social invite you to join in the celebration of the launch of The Story of the Streets. Mike Skinner will be signing copies of his book and be accompanied by guest DJ’s on the 27th March.

Doors 7pm, free entry all night.


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Faber Social Celebrates Independence


Faber Social invites you to celebrate INDEPENDENCE and the publication of How Soon is Now: The Mavericks and Madmen Who Made Independent Music 1975-2005. From Rough Trade and Factory, through 4AD, Heavenly, Creation, Mute and most recently Domino and Warp, the musical landscape of the past 30 plus years has been shaped by an independent guiding spirit. Somewhere along the line this became ‘indie’; Richard King’s How Soon is Now excavates the Golden Years when to be ‘indie’ actually meant something. Richard will be joined in conversation by Owen Hatherley and Bob Stanley. Bob will soundtrack the evening from the decks. And there will be a performance from a figure central to the book: Edwyn Collins.

Tickets cost £5 on the door. Please email for a place on the guaranteed entry list. 

For more information visit

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Good Block

Good Block returns to The Social’s basement on Friday 9th March.

The next instalment rallies the whole, Wholemeal crew for a left of centre boogie.  Expect 70′s/80′s/90′s: Disco, Boogie, House, Hip Hop, Electro, Lazer Funk, Afrobeat



Charles Drakeford (NTS Radio / Wholemeal)

Bradley Zero (Rhythm Section / Boiler Room)

Sean O’Rourke (dollop / Good Block)

Tom Esselle (Wholemeal)

Gigolo Medina (Wholemeal)

Peter & Axel Foely (Good Block)

– – –


Bringing a new night to The Social every 2nd Friday of the month. The Good Block will blend Disco, Boogie, Hip Hop, House, Soul and Lazer Funk from the 70′s to the current day. Flying across New York, Chicago, Detroit, Kingston, London, Lagos and beyond. Each month’s line up will welcome a host of established club DJs who leave their current guises behind to do something left of centre. From The Gap Band to Big L to Kerri Chandler to Mr Vegas, come get deep.


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Players Ball Central

This Friday – March 2nd

For over a year now, PLAYERS BALL has been the highlight of everyone’s month at its birthplace at The CAMP in East London… and now, due to popular demand you can experience London’s Crunkest Club Night™ right in the centre of the capital at The Social – on the FIRST FRIDAY EVERY MONTH!!!  Southern Hospitality DJs Rob Pursey and Davey Boy Smith will be bringing you all the hottest new club anthems, breaking future classics, bringing back your old favourites and just generally giving you the CRUNKEST, BUCKEST, WILDEST clubbing experience in London.


Rob Pursey has put together this mix for the night


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Time To Get Schizodelic, Again . .

Another chance to get down and check out the new Friday night residency from three of our favourite new DJs . .


Mixing Mods with Rockers, Punks with Proggers, Concrete Jungle with African Bush, Brazilian Nuggets with Turkish Delights, Sweet’n’Sour Krauts with Big Macs and Crisp Rappers with Cheesy Ravers any flavour is for the tasting. Based on a super tight blend of three amigos triple-teaming behind the decks The Schizodelic Sound shall make one shake thy rattle, rok ya Rolex and get on up to get on down. With much unexpected diggings alongside stone-cold classics from the most open book of musical revelry there is a sound for one and all to rejoice in!

Spear headed by DJ Guy C (Gorillaz Sound System and The Bees Tour DJ, throwing it down on the decks like a man possessed), Aaron Fletcher (The Bees main man, song writer and internationally treasured musical innovator) and Tim Rockins (Zombie Flesh Eater, mindblowing maximalist artist and graphical craftsman busting with the A to Z of sound).  It all adds up to the most ridiculously dope record box you’ve ever looked in, combined with Kaleidoscopically-psychephrenic lightshows, visuals and animated posters The Schizodelic Sound is here. Fundamentally with the  basic ideal of keeping the dance floor alive.

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Shakes of the Month

Jake and Thomas (who have learnt a thing or two under the guidance of Dre Masso) are going to be selecting 3 of their favourite cocktails each month.

To get things started they have chosen this lot below, beautifully captured by our photographer in residence Mr Zane Cunningham.

You can enjoy these any time, but with your membership card they are only £5 before 8pm (6pm on Fridays)

The Aviation

The NY Flip

Strawberry Daiquiri

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