Hot booze

Dre has come up with some winter warmers to mark the beginning of December. Enjoy.

Mexican Egg Nog x 1


1 whole egg

1 tablespoon vanilla sugar

100 ml semi skimmed milk

1 shot tequila

Nice pinch of cinnamon powder

Freshly grated nutmeg for garnish


1. Beat egg, sugar, cinnamon and vanilla with a wire whisk. Pour into a large mug.

2. Add milk and mix well.

3. Heat whilst stirring. Do not boil.

4. Sprinkle with freshly grated nutmeg. Serve in teacup.

The Social Mulled Wine


½ cup red wine

½ cup orange juice

1 shot Courvoisier cognac

2 tablespoons honey

1 orange slice studded with cloves

Cinnamon stick

Freshly grated nutmeg


1. Combine all ingredients in a saucepan.

2. Heat until hot but not boiling.

3. Stir.

4. Pour into wine glasses, garnish with orange slice, cinnamon stick and freshly grated nutmeg and serve.


Hot Toddy


50ml Jameson’s whiskey

Juice of 1 lemon

Tablespoon of honey

¾ cup of boiled water

Lemon wheel with cloves and half a cinnamon stick


1. Pour water in to a heatproof jug.

2. Add lemon juice, lemon twist, honey and whiskey.

3. Transfer to coffee mug.

Mulled Wine Martini


25ml Beefeater

25ml Port

Juice of half an orange

15ml lemon juice

10ml honey water

2 cloves, crushed

Pinch of cinnamon powder

Sprinkle of nutmeg


1. shake and double strain. Serve in Coupette glass.

2. Garnish with clove studded orange slice

Hot Buttered Rum


1 tablespoon salted butter, softened

1-tablespoon vanilla sugar

Pinch ground cinnamon

Sprinkle of nutmeg

2 cloves, crushed

50ml Havana Club 7yr old rum

Boiling water


1. Assemble in heatproof cup or glass.

2. Serve in teacup.


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Looking For The Moon Under The Water

The Search For The Perfect Pub: Looking For The Moon Under Water

Robin Turner and Paul Moody launched their brilliant new book last week in the upstairs bar.

‘What is the perfect British pub? Although it’s an innocuous enough question, the answer will likely be entirely different dependant on the person asked and their state of mind at the time. Having turned 40 this year, my current vision of public house perfection is barely recognisable from the boozer I idly dreamt of as a twenty year old. Or as a thirty year old. I’m pretty certain that if my embattled liver holds out for the next ten, twenty – God knows, maybe even thirty – years, that mental image of the perfect pub will keep on evolving and mutating, undergoing mental refurbishments as my personal taste dictates the volume of music and what type of beer ends up flowing from the taps . . ‘


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The Christmas Market Is Back

Once again this December, The Social presents a weekly market in the upstairs bar each and every Saturday daytime

There will be badges, books, birds, music and maps from Caught By The River, stocking fillers from PedlarsAndrews of Arcadia and his vintage fishing tackle for the soul and The Empress of Arcadia with selected labels and bespokery.  There will also be Christmas stalls from Pete Fowler, Edwyn CollinsNobrowThe Heavenly Emporium and more.

As well as Christmas gifts, shoppers will be able to enjoy signings, live performances, DJ sets, a fully stocked bar and The Rose Kentish Kitchen featuring her legendary home made sausage and cranberry rolls, mulled wine, hot cider and Dre’s award winning Bloody Marys.  Last year was the best fun we had all year, from start to slightly sozzled finish.

Saturdays 3th, 10th and 17th December

Doors 1-6pm – Free entry

Email carl@thesocial.com for more info or press enquiries


Caught By The River shop – http://caughtbytheriver.net/shop/

Andrews of Arcadia and the Empress of Acadia – http://andrewsofarcadia.com/

Pedlars – http://www.pedlars.co.uk/

The Heavenly Emporium – http://heavenlyrecordings.com/emporium/

Rose Kentish’s homemade cakes and pastries  – http://www.rosekentishkitchen.blogspot.com/

3rd Dec:

Acoustic performance: Trevor Moss and Hannah-Lou

Guest artist: Pete Fowler – http://monsterism.net/

10th Dec:

Edwyn Collins stall – http://edwyncollins.sandbag.uk.com/Store

Acoustic performances: Edwyn Collins & James Walbourne

http://www.edwyncollins.com  http://www.jameswalbourne.com/

17th Dec:

Guest gallery: Nobrow – http://www.nobrow.net/





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An Antidote To Indifference

Jeff, Robin and Andrew from Caught By The River launched their new fanzine last night at Rough Trade East.  It’s a great read but wont be around for long so go and grab one from their shop while you can.  Robin explains more about it all below.

An Antidote To Indifference is our first fanzine, although not our first venture into print (we’ve previously published two collections of essays – Words On Water and On Nature), and it’s the first time we’ve tried to properly put the site onto paper. Copied, stapled, dropped into shops and sold for less than the price of a pint. Some of the pieces have appeared on the site before, a few are previously unpublished and any mistakes are unintentional – the budget didn’t stretch to a subeditor.

As with here on the site, An Antidote To Indifference is all about the writing. Many of the writers who’ve contributed in the years since we started came to us with what they worried were bonkers ideas. In the vast majority of cases, we encouraged them to explore them fully. Whether those writers are old friends with new passions – like Nina Walsh, the girl we met back on the dancefloor at Shoom who now writes our allotment column – or new friends who approach us with brilliant ideas – like Guardian writer Jude Rogers who came to us with the idea of documenting her budding walking habit – didn’t matter. If they sounded feverish with excitement, 99 times out of 100 we were sold. In future, we’re hoping to give the fanzine over to the writers, letting some of our favourite contributors piece together their own best-ofs.

Limited quantities of the fanzine will be available through the Caught By The River webshop. This is a one off print-run, once it’s gone, it’s gone!’


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