Andrew Hung

15 Aug 2017 - 7:00 PM - 12:00 AM


Andrew Hung

Andrew Hung releases his debut album “Realisationship” on Lex Records in October. “Realisationship” acts as a marker for a revelatory period for the artist; the cocoon of his previous work is shattered and a new relationship with the inner infinite emerges.

Hung is well known for his output with Fuck Buttons, the group he formed with Benjamin John Power. The collaboration thrust the duo into unchartered territory: completing three albums, touring extensively around the globe, headlining multiple festivals including the Park Stage at Glastonbury, featuring on the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony etc. Theirs was a tale of an unlikely triumph for the DIY spirit from which they were born.

He formed the group “Dawn Hunger” (an anagram of Andrew Hung), a project designed to be performed by a female vocalist. Determined to set himself apart from his previous work; he created over 400 tracks to stimulate evolution in his art. Two albums were recorded and mastered but neither were released. “The albums never got released but they were and remain invaluable to my practice.”

Hung found himself in contact with Beth Orton with whom they started a collaboration. “Beth in many ways, renewed my perspective of collaboration; proving to me that collaboration is an incredible tool that provides shortcuts to realisation; such was the sweetness and beauty of ours.” Over a period of two years, they created “Kidsticks”, an album that critics proclaimed to be Orton’s career highlight.

During this time, Hung released two eps, named “Rave Cave 1” and “Rave Cave 2”. “They were tracks that I’d been playing around with on my travels and I consolidated them into bodies of work when I got home”. The eps were immediate, bouncy and fun.

Hung attracted the attention of film director Jim Hosking who asked him to soundtrack his film “The Greasy Strangler”. “I absolutely loved it; it was an intense 3 week period of getting the music together, but it felt so good to run away with ideas for someone else. I was like an actor”. The film garnered incredible praise, and winning multiple awards.

This period saw a new-found love of collaboration and Hung found himself freshly invigorated. The journey of his debut album “Realisationship” pushed the artist to the forefront; writing, producing and singing on his record. “I had no idea I was going to be singing on this record; it just happened! It was inevitable with regards to what I’d been doing, but yeah I had no idea. Gaining the confidence to sing was the hardest part”.

“I can’t completely identify with the voice on the record. Yes, it’s me, but it’s not me. Singing as an expression is very new to me… I see an oscillation between myself and the character of the album especially the voice. It’s naked vulnerable duality.”

Andrew Hung’s debut album “Realisationship” documents the rise of an artist to his self-realisation, at once confused and alone crescendo’ing into belief and power. The vulnerable becomes the powerful, the voiceless becomes the shout; this is the duality of Realisationship.



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