Blue Rinse

3 Nov 2018 - 7:00 PM - 1:00 AM

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Blue Rinse

Blue Rinse is back!

For the newly inaugurated, what is Blue Rinse? We dance, we shake and we sometimes even bake. Every month we play the greatest eclectic tracks from every decade and every genre.

We play Disco, Indie, RnB, Motown, Hip Hop, Pop, Funk and Soul and pluck every musical heartstring from every decade along the way. Morrissey to Meatloaf, Elvis to Eminem.

We might sometimes go to the edge of cheese, sometimes the brink of obscure but we will always stay true to simply playing GREAT MUSIC!

All you need to remember is that “Genres Suck!” and to dance like everyone is watching but you don’t give a ****

Entry is absolutely FREE, so there’s no excuse not to pop in and suck a boiled sweet with us

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