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3 Apr 2017 - 6:00 PM - 11:00 PM

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Dan Clews Album Launch


Dan Clews

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Dan Clews ‘While Middle England Mows Its Lawn’ (New album out March 31st)

Described by the late Sir George Martin as, “Too great a talent to ignore”, folk-tinged artist Dan Clews continues his upward trajectory with his new album ‘While Middle England Mows Its Lawn’ which is due for release on 31st March 2017. Mojo described this record as, “Veering from lop-sided Ronnie Lane country-tonk to soothing, MOR folk pearls. His best yet.” Bob Harris described Dan’s sound as “Landscape Folk”.

Dan draws from a diverse spectrum of styles, places and people; the album feels immediately like an old friend. Hailing from one of the last remaining traditional strawberry farms in Kent, space and storytelling provide the inspiration for his songwriting landscape. He says of the album, “This is an honest reflection of my life written from true experiences and genuine feelings. That has to be the basis of a good song. Truth goes a long way. I can relate every song to a genuine moment in my life; from walking off stage at the Albert Hall, only to be teaching guitar in a cupboard the next day”.

The boy from the strawberry fields soon found a mentor and publisher in the late Sir George Martin. Dan’s songs have always found a willing audience: he has been playlisted by BBC Radio2, played numerous Bob Harris sessions, followed Mumford & Sons on a stage at Glastonbury, and been invited to accompany Tim Minchin as a special guest on Children In Need. Minchin said, “Beautiful player great songwriter, keep an eye out”.

An artist with a true sense of purpose, his own fresh material and an original voice, Dan Clews represents the very best in natural, instinctive British talent. ‘While Middle England Mows Its Lawn’ will surely broaden his appeal far beyond the grassroots…

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