Out Of Order Fest / Hot Wax

27 Nov 2018 - 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM

£3 on the door / Free guest list via DICE or with a flyer

Out Of Order Fest / Hot Wax

Permanent Creeps & Fierce Panda present: OUT OF ORDER FEST 2018




CC Honeymoon


Another HUUUGE edition of OUT OF ORDER: FEST for you all.

This time we can very happily announce that our SECRET HEADLINERS are the ridiculously awesome Phobophobes!!! PLUS we have new Fierce Panda signings Scrounge as well as the ridiculously talented CC Honeymoon on the bill!

Phobophobes recently released their hugely anticipated debut album ‘Miniature World’ to rave reviews,

“The 6-piece band hail from South London, a petri dish in its own right, having brought to life so many of the most intriguing bands of the last few years: Fat White Family, HMLTD, Goat Girl, Dead Pretties, to name a few. Like so many of their contemporaries, they trade in disheveled, provocative, unruly rock ‘n’ roll debauchery, but few if any of their cohort are as eloquent or as musically focused. Miniature World is a streamlined, forceful debut that successfully captures everything that was initially promising about the band” The 405

“Phobophobes have created something extraordinary with ‘Miniature World’; this band are heading somewhere very special indeed” Dork

Having recently released their official debut with Fierce Panda, Scrounge are picking up new fans left and right.

“A powerful, snarling statement of post-punk energy… a meteoric rising force who are able to intrigue, shock and utterly enthral.” The Line Of Best Fit

“They’re capable of juddering the socks off your feet, and rocking you quietly into a cry-sleep alike.” DIY

CC Honeymoon
Known for electrifying live shows and with only a small amount of music released, CC Honeymoon has built his reputation on quality rather than quantity.

“calls to mind the sleazy electroclash that made London’s Trash club night an institution a decade ago, with its lo-fi, smoky synths and tales of lust” The Quietus

“Like the lovechild of Win Butler and Depeche Mode, ‘Part Time View’ drips with retro synth hooks and an infectiously catchy beat. With a mission statement that aims to bring back the “sexiness of London”, it’s time to whack this track on repeat and fall in love” Too Many Blogs


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