23 Mar 2016 - 12:00 AM - 1:00 AM

Free entry



Semi Precious



Bunki (DJ-Set)

Free Entry

Over the past year many of squareglass’ acts have built part of their identity around innovative live performances of material that has originally been written and recorded in a bedroom producer fashion.

These outstanding performances managed to secure a bi-monthly squareglass residency at VICE’s Birthdays and regular shows around East London venues Dance Tunnel and Dalston Superstore as well as appearances at festivals such as Meltdown and Fusion Festival.

“There seems to be an inherent trust within this group of artists to introduce foreign ideas into one another’s material. This is conducive for creating an environment with an understanding of innovation and open-mindedness amongst both creators and listeners. That scope really gives squareglass the potential to craft an essential wave of experimentalism in the Capital for the coming months and beyond” (The 405).

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