TALL // Useless Cities // Pining For Sunshine

13 Nov 2017 - 7:00 PM - 12:00 AM

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TALL // Useless Cities // Pining For Sunshine

TALL – The London-based four piece returns to The Social, where it all began! TALL brings a wave of nostalgia with surfy garage and psych music, accented with just the right amount of pop. They also have an affinity for old pro-wrestling and Bud Light!

Useless Cities – Bittersweet melodies and feelings, all pinned together by a skewer of flowing guitar sound, intertwined male and female vocals, anointed by a holding piano sound and warm bass tones , aligned on OCD-like overthought drum beats

Pining For Sunshine – Funeral Pop writer: Pining For Sunshine, banished to the cage-like confines of his seaside home. He questions life, death and love predominantly, as I ironically write about myself in third person to sound professional and important, but really sound just like every other generic singer songwriter out there. * Sighs…*

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