The Gus Harvey Band

31 May 2017 - 7:00 PM - 12:00 AM

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The Gus Harvey Band

The Gus Harvey Band return to the bar that birthed ’em! Singer/Writer/Band Leader Gus Harvey and Main Muse/Keys G Elias Razak met 5 years ago either side of The Social’s beautiful and expertly-equipped bar, as she poured him his after-work pint. Now they return in 4-piece band form, for a lil’ springtime weeknight boogie in honour of the first release, from the forthcoming debut album.


With ffing enormous stonking great support from the team of huge Gs who helped her along her way:

Black Pepper 
Super fresh and exciting London triphop duo who recently played Gus Harvey + friends (music discovery night curated by Gus at Hackney Road’sFolklore)

Hypeman Sage 
So chuffed to be graced with the new EP from Don Sage*
*this is a huge treat

Subculture Sounds 
Vibrant, eclectic and unfailiingly awesome selects by the man behind and beside Gus’s first single and forthcoming album

*UK hiphop duo Subculture Sage (wot is Hypeman Sage + Subculture Sounds) gave Gus her break on the beautiful When The Blossom Falls back in 2014. It was in session for Blossom that Gus played Sub the scratch for a song she had written about revenge porn (called Witches…)

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