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15 Mar 2017 - 7:00 PM - 1:00 AM

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Two Piece Records

Two Piece Records Present their first night at The Social. We couldn’t be more excited to have live sets from Fuoco, Invevitable Daydream + Hotel Lux

‘Feeling like a train wreck just out of sight, Fuoco are an utterly dangerous beast. With ‘Kape Kinevil’, freshly birthed like a xenomorph from the chest of brand-new M8s Records, they’ve evolved from an angry noise grunge duo to a ferocious and terrified bull, tearing everything up in sight that makes them uncomfortable.’
– sputnikmusic

Inevitable Daydream
Inevitable Daydream have taken influence from fellow scene lads Gang and Demob Happy in this psychedelic mess that veers from hazy moping to screaming grunge, guitars so big they don’t just cut through the fog, they bloody piss all over it. None of the winding riffs from previous single ‘Brown Acid’ are here, just a goddamn dirty storm. Kyuss bugging out on a pissed off comedown.
– hootingandhowling

Hotel Lux
Hotel Lux lead the way. London based tykes who only formed last year, the band’s feral sound echoes The Cramps or even early Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.The intensity of their live performances is matched to the songwriting underneath – it’s a real trip, albeit one that’s likely to have a sting in the tail.New single ‘Envoi’ was produced in the singer’s shed, and it’s deranged spirit really gets under your skin.
– Clashmusic


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