Upstairs at The Social

19 Dec 2015 - 6:00 PM - 1:00 AM

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Upstairs at The Social

For fifteen years, our upstairs bar has offered sanctuary from madness of Oxford Street. All that time, it’s been a bolthole for skivers and barflies; somewhere where the days blur into nights and the dusty light is always conducive to losing a few hours to alcohol and good company.

Although listings and features on the bar tend to focus on the nightly events in the basement (a space we couldn’t be prouder of), for many people the Upstairs Bar is truly the heart of The Social.

Unchanged in a decade and a half, it’s made up of 5 large leather booths each set around an aged gunmetal grey table. The room itself is entirely clad in wood. Originally sauna-like, the walls have fully matured like a Soho dandy due to years of excessive smoking and drinking. Ever-present in the corner is our beautiful, hard working AMI Continental Jukebox. It’s soundtracked countless first dates, birthdays, after shows and lost weekends… even the odd wake.


The bar is stocked with Borough Wines, beers from Moor, Arbour Ales, Kernel, Camden Town and the Kernel (as well as regular guest bottles) and a carefully chosen selection of spirits and cocktails.

Booths are available to reserve every night of the week for parties of 5 or more. We only hold a limited amount and always for early evening. Drop us a line if you want to book one for your birthday, leaving do or office drink. 

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