4 Aug 2017 - 7:00 PM - 1:00 AM

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Vesuvio is a volcano in Italy BUT IT IS ALSO our weekly Friday night drink and dance party . . 

Downstairs things are more dancefloor focussed with 12 inch hip hop and rnb, old school garage, house music and dancehall. It’s a disco party for afterworkers who like to dance, birthday boys and girls, people old enough to know better and youngsters alike. Good music and good vibes.

Upstairs we like to look stubbornly backwards so you’ll hear seven inch funk and soul, reggae, disco, afrobeat, a bit of hip hop, blues and rock and roll. It’s a dance party for people who like to sit down . . and drink.

Resident DJs:

Zane (eclectic, cool, unflappable dancing facilitator)
Becca (warm-up wonderwoman armed with a lethal bag of afropop)
Tom Caslin (the basement’s resident king cutmaster)
Heavenly Jukebox (DJ arm of Heavenly Recordings)

Email to reserve a booth upstairs or downstairs for free.


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