Bookings, Parties and Takeovers!

We can host groups from 2 to 250 in one or both of our bars



Welcome To Burgershackland Party – This Thursday!

As well as putting artwork on the walls Rob and Burgerac have been cooking up some tasty products to launch while the show is running

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Election Section – US Presidential Election All Nighter

It’s one of the biggest elections in the world. Environment takes on business. More citizenship takes on border walls. Keeping Obamacare takes on reforming Obamacare. Yes, it’s Hilary vs Trump. Whoever wins, it’s going to change America and impact the world. The stakes couldn’t be higher. So… let’s have a bit of fun with it

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Happy Deal Is Here

20% off all food all day for members every single Monday

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Baggy Mondays

After another storming festival summer, The Social’s longest-running night (Est. 2002) comes back home for more Madchester-powered indie disco mayhem at its latest Saturday night free party

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Parties and Bookings

We can host groups from 2 to 250 in one or both of our bars. Booths and tables for smaller groups are booked free of charge

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September Membership Offer

You don’t need to be a member to come to The Social but it will get you cheaper drinks and other offers . . and membership is FREE

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Fatboy Slim Celebrates 20 Years Of ‘Better Living Through Chemistry’

Twenty years to the day since it was first unveiled to the world, Fatboy Slim’s debut album ‘Better Living Through Chemistry’ will be rereleased on September 23rd on Skint. To mark the occasion, Fatboy Slim AKA Norman Cook will be playing out the seminal album in its entirety at The Social . .

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Christmas (yes Christmas!) at The Social

You know what? We’re taking Christmas enquiries and bookings now! it’s true, it’s completely mental but sadly also true.

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Rob Flowers Burger Fiend and Double Burger

Welcome to Burgershackland

a magical place where you’ll meet burger blogger Burgerac as a cap-wearing, cheering glove-toting cartoon burger dude – and a host of other illustrated characters including a zen-like smoke shack producing puffs of happy smoke, a hooded wizard conjuring burger magic, and a cape-wearing burger fend

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Burgershack presents The Big Shack

National Burger Day fast approacheth (it’s this Thursday 25th Aug folks) and Burgershack are offering 20% off all food for the day AND running a super special burger, Big Shack

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