Mi Mye + My Sad Captains // Charlie Boyer

3 May 2017 - 7:00 PM - 12:00 AM

£5 advance

Mi Mye + My Sad Captains // Charlie Boyer





“Each song has a nakedly personal element, yet it never feels self-indulgent”

Clash Music

“We all need music to wrap ourselves up in, music that says it’s ok, music that inspires some feeling within us to remind us that we are alive… and then the snare drum does that bap bap fill, and they all stamp on their pedals, and we all get whisked off to happyland with the confetti cannons and the unbridled joy promised by existence.”
The 405

“Sandwiched sonically – and geographically – somewhere between a Scots’ Sparklehorse and a West Yorkshire Will Oldham,”
God Is In The TV

“Reminiscent of the work of Sparklehorse and Bright Eyes. Think wedding band at the end of a long night playing to a few last stragglers (in the best possible way)”
Killing Moon

“Like Frightened Rabbit at an office party or The National playing an empty bar on New Year’s”

All Things Go

“Wakefield’s Mi Mye craft one heck of a tune. Their debut album, The Sympathy Sigh, is a case in point. Lilting and heartfelt, it is jammed with insightful and tuneful indie folk songs that most musicians would sell their mums for” Overblown

Mi Mye is thought of as an open conversation, a lush collection of snapshots from the North of Scotland where principal songwriter and lyricist Jamie Lockhart grew up, and Wakefield the place he now calls home. The music is a tapestry of his past – with the folk tradition from his childhood, spending his teenage years playing fiddle in ceilidh bands around the Highlands and moving south to get a broader understanding of music. In Wakefield Lockhart has found a small city that has an incredible independent music scene, which he has become an integral part of, and has created his own song writing style. Lockhart has also played fiddle with such people as The Cribs, King Creosote, Darren Hayman and Piney Gir.

Mi Mye has evolved from a moniker for Lockhart to become a band of five with Rob, Chad, Morgan and Emily. Following on from the singles “I Think Everything’s Going to be Fine” and “Determan the Extent” Mi Mye have just released their new album “The Sympathy Sigh” on Hide and Seek Records and Philophobia Music.


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