Nick Edwards

We celebrate the launch of Cornershop's 7th LP 'England Is A Garden' with a Cornershop DJ set upstairs accompanied by works by the band's very own Nick Edwards adorning the walls of the bar area.
6 March 2020 - 03 April 2020

Nick Edwards studied Graphic Design in Sheffield many moons ago. After college he set up a business with friends, working with local bands, DJs and cultural industries.

Then he departed for London with his folio or ‘book’ as they used to call it. In London he set about gaining a foothold in the world of Music Industry Graphic Design, eventually he worked with the Beggars Banquet group and whilst there he met Tjinder and Ben who had a shared interest in French Science Fictional animation and cavemen/women or Troglodytes. This was the beginning of a 3000 year graphic relationship which has made us both fabulously wealthy but still grounded.

After that he did loads of other stuff, he’s not going to bang on but the relationship with Cornershop and the Ample Play Label has been a constant joy! He hopes you enjoy this small display of printed ephemera in a world of digital junk. Over and out.

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