Ashley Rommelrath & Graeme ‘Chappy’ Chapman

A short series of photography, design and artwork surrounding London-based group, and good friends of the bar, Talk Show.
7 February 2024 - 19 February 2024

Working closely with designers Ashley Rommelrath, and Graeme ‘Chappy’ Chapman, we wanted to bring ‘Effigy’ to life and create an atmosphere in which the audience could conceptualise.

Pulling from influences across music, film, and art, we formed the backbone of the album’s visual content, with a clear decision to be able to place Effigy in a geographical space. The cinematography of Christopher Doyle in ‘Fallen Angels’, or the opening nightclub scene in ‘Blade’, all add enormous claustrophobia and tension for the viewer. We felt it was necessary that an audience could visualise themselves in the spaces or videos in the artwork, giving clues and suggestions that it does in fact exist, with the main cover art being eluding to an entrance, the merchandise outlining a floor plan and blueprint, and posters reworked from actual New York nightclub flyers.

Effigy can work to be both a conceptual Effigy, or even acting as the name of the fictitious venue.

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