Laura Lewis

Nicotine-stained walls, garish and dated design, practical wipe-clean furniture: the love hotel rooms documented in Passion 202 aren’t perhaps the environment everyone fantasises about for a romantic rendezvous.
10 September 2018 - 15 October 2018

Photographer Laura Lewis discovered her fascination for the interiors of Tokyo love hotels while shooting in Japan. Photographed on 35mm film with an almost forensic approach, this series uncovers the rooms that numerous couples have hired for intimacy, anonymity and privacy. The series focuses on the rooms’ dated, slightly grubby, and gross-yet-beautiful interiors. We are shown the perfunctory, prescriptive and precision-placed articles and objects that act as the punctuation to sex, and are guided into the transient world of rooms hired for lovers’ fleeting encounters.

Exhibition runs at The Social from Sept 10th until October 15th in association with the good people at Rough Trade Books

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