Personality Crisis: A Path Through Haze. Various Work '18 > '23

Son of Bexley, nut seller of Islington, fan of The Grateful Dead... Rusty O’Shacklewell (Personality Crisis) has been many things over the years, but he has never done an exhibition.

That time is now.
23 August 2023 - 25 October 2023

Launching Friday 25th August 6pm!


Landing in Shoreditch during the halcyon days of the mid ‘90s on his way back from the far eastern ‘Fragrant Harbour’, pre-handover Hong Kong, he cut his graphic teeth in the t-shirt power duo of Product250. Moving away from t-shirts towards a more graphic focused direction in the mid-2000’s at the legendary promotions company 580 (Adventures In the Beetroot Field / The Lock Tavern / Field Day) churning out gig posters by the 100’s. Like Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, with that much talent in the room, the 580 dream team inevitably went off to do their own projects including Smoking Goat, Brat, The Gun, Shacklewell Arms, MOTH Club and alongside being art director for Convenanza festival since 2015, designing record sleeves for Stranger Than Paradise… in the background, in a haze… is O’Shacklewell.

Inspiration comes from design legends such as the late great Barney Bubbles / Jamie Reid, the Polish/Czech poster scene and the Abstract Expressionist artists of the Cold War era. Music has always been key and formed a circle… from Anatolian rock to Indian raga’s to yé-yé and back again via country rock… it’s all in there.

‘There’s 40-odd years worth of counter cultural mining that goes into every bit of work I do… just like a big ol’ cauldron! That could be a pinch of late 60’s Notting Hell… a sprinkle of Jodorowsky or just enough Atelier Populaire. There’s a bit of comedy too and I do love a pun.

My aim has always been to make people notice and tell them about something. And if it pleases… well, that’s good too.’

Exhibiting various works from the past few years, some tweaked, one never happened… and another ended up on the cutting room floor.

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