Ever since the lockdown, we’ve invited people to open up the Social for us online at 6pm. A lot of them have brought their own record bags and taken the night where they’ve wanted it to go.

All those early evening playlists are now available in one place – have a listen and relive the magic of all of those first drinks of the day.


Adelle Stripe

Acid Mojito

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Acid Mojito 2

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Alastair Shuttleworth

Alastair Shuttleworth 2

Alastair Shuttleworth 3

Alastair Shuttleworth 4

Andy Bell

Anna Wood

Anna Wood 2

Anna Derbyshire Woolgar

Anne Frankenstein

Anne Frankenstein 2

Annie Nightingale

Amber Louise Elliott

Ash Kenazi (Happyness)

Ash Kenazi (Happyness) 2

Austen Harris

Baba Yaga’s Hut

Babak Ganjei

Babak Ganjei 2

Baggy Mondays

Be With Records

Ben Edge

Ben Osborne

Ben Rymer


Birmingham 81

Black Peaches

Bob Stanley

Bobby Voltaire

Boy Azooga

Broadcast Glasgow & Sneaky Pete’s Edinburgh

The Brokedown Palace



Black Country, New Road

Brodie Rake

Caio Wheelhouse

Carl Gosling & Jeff O’Toole

Catherine Eccles


Chris Frantz

Clams Baker

Clwb Ifor Bach


The Common Breath

Council Records

Council Records 2



Daisy Goodwin

Daisy Goodwin 2

Daisy Goodwin 3

Dan Richards

Danny Mitchell

Darran Anderson

David Keenan

David Oddfellow

Death & Taxes



DRIFT Records

DRIFT Records 2

Drug Store Romeos

Eastern Front DJs

Eastern Front DJs 2

Eat Your Own Ears

Eat Your Own Ears 2

Eat Your Own Ears 3

Eat Your Own Ears 4

Ella Harris (PVA)

Elliot Eastwick’s World Famous Hot Sauce


Fran Lobo

Fran Lobo 2

Francis Lung

Gareth Johnson

Gareth Johnson 2

Gareth Johnson 3

Gareth Johnson 4

Gareth Johnson 5

Gareth Johnson 6

Gareth Johnson 7

Gareth Johnson 8

Gareth Johnson 9

Gareth Johnson 10

Gareth Johnson 11

Gareth Johnson 12

Gareth Johnson 13

Gareth Johnson 14

Gareth Johnson 15

Gareth Johnson 16

Gareth Johnson 17

Gareth Johnson 18

Gareth Johnson 19

Gareth Johnson 20

Gareth Johnson 21

Gareth Johnson 22

Gareth Johnson 23

Gareth Johnson 24

Gareth Johnson 25

Gareth Johnson 26

Gareth Johnson 27

Gareth Johnson 28

Gareth Johnson 29

Gareth Johnson 30

Gareth Johnson 31

Gareth Johnson 32

Gareth Johnson 33

Gareth Johnson 34

Gareth Johnson 35


Get Together

Gordon Dalton

Graceless Lady

Graeme Martin

Graeme Martin 2

Graeme Martin 3

Graeme Martin 4

Graeme Martin 5

Graeme Martin 6

Graeme Martin 7

Graeme Martin 8

Graeme Martin 9

Graeme Martin 10

Graeme Martin 11

Graeme Martin 12

Graeme Martin 13

Graeme Martin 14

Graeme Martin 15

Graeme Martin 16

Graeme Martin 17

Graeme Martin 18

Graeme Martin 19

Graeme Martin 20

Graeme Martin 21

Graeme Martin 22

Graeme Martin 23

Graeme Martin 24

Graeme Martin 25

Graeme Martin 26

Graeme Martin 27

Graeme Martin 28

Graeme Martin 29

Graeme Martin 30

Graeme Martin 31

Graeme Martin 32


Hardway Bros

Harry Sword

Harvey Brook

Harvey Brook 2

Harvey Brook 3

Harvey Brook 4

Harvey Brook 5

Harvey Brook 6

Harvey Brook 7

Harvey Brook 8

Harvey Brook 9

Harvey Brook 10

Harvey Brook 11

Harvey Brook 12

Harvey Brook 13

Harvey Brook 14

Harvey Brook 15

Harvey Brook 16

Harvey Brook 17

Harvey Brook 18

Harvey Brook 19

Harvey Brook 20

Harvey Brook 21

Harvey Brook 22

Harvey Brook 23

Harvey Brook 24

Harvey Brook 25

Harvey Brook 26

Harvey Brook 27

Heather Leigh

The High Wire

Holly Carter

Holly Mullineaux

Holly Whittaker

Home Counties

Home Counties 2

Ian Rankin

Ian Stone

Ian Wade

Independent Venue Week

Jack Sellen

Jack Sellen 2

Jack Laver

James Connor Vincent

James Connor Vincent 2

James Cook

James Endeacott

Jeff Barrett

Jeff Barrett 2

Jeff Barrett 3

Jeff Barrett 4

Jeff Barrett 5

Jeff Barrett 6

Jeff Barrett 7

Jeff Barrett 8

Jeff O’Toole


Jennifer Lucy Allen

Jennifer Lucy Allen 2

Jeremy Allen

Joe Muggs

John Doran

John Leeming

Jon Savage

Jono Podmore

Jordan Cook

Jordan Cook 2

Joshua Idehen

Jude Rogers

Junior Tomlin

Justin Robertson

Justin Quirk

Katherine Cantwell

Katy J Pearson

Kieran Crosby

Kieran Evans

Kirk Lake

The Lantern Halifax

Late Nite Minicab FM

Laura Barton

Laurent Fintoni

Laruent Fintoni 2

Lee Brackstone


Legends of Country

Lewis Jamieson

Liam Inscoe-Jones






Lorena Lohr

Lorenzo Ottone

Lorenzo Ottone 2

Los Bitchos

The Lovely Eggs

Magic Numbers

Marc Isaacs

Marie Dufrenoy

Marie Dufrenoy 2


Matthew Clayton

Matthew Clayton 2

Matthew Shaw

Matthew Shaw 2

Maximo Park

Mella Dee

Memorial Device

Memorial Device 2

Memorial Device 3

The Memory Band

Moa Moa

Moshi Moshi Records

Musa Okwonga

Nadine Shah

The New Cue

None More Records

None More Records 2

Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub)

Nuha Ruby Ra

Olive Endeacott

The Orielles

The Orielles 2

Panic Shack

Penny Pepper

Pet Deaths

Pet Deaths 2

Pet Deaths 3

Pet Deaths 4

Pet Deaths 5

Pet Shimmers

Pete Fowler

Pete Fowler 2

Pete Fowler 3

Pete Fowler 4

Pete Fowler 5

Pete Fowler 6

Pete Fowler 7

Pete Fowler 8

Pete Fowler 9

Pete Fowler 10

Pete Fowler 11

Pete Fowler 12

Pete Fowler 13

Pete Fowler 14

Pete Fowler 15

Pete Fowler 16

Pete Fowler 17

Pete Fowler 18

Pete Fowler 19

Pete Fowler 20

Pete Fowler 21

Pete Fowler 22

Pete Fowler 23

Pete Fowler 24

Pete Fowler 25

Pete Fowler 26

Pete Fowler 27

Pete Fowler 28

Pete Fowler 29

Pete Fowler 30

Pete Fowler 31

Pete Fowler 32

Pete Fowler 33

Pete Fowler 34

Pete Fowler 35

Pete Fowler 36

Pete Fowler 37

Pete Fowler 38

Pete Fowler 39

Pete Fowler 40

Pete Fowler 41

Pete Fowler 42

Pete Fowler 43

Pete Fowler 44

Pete Fowler 45

Pete Fowler 46

Pete Fowler 47

Pete Fowler 48

Pete Fowler 49

Pete Fowler 50

Pete Fowler 51

Pete Fowler 52

Pete Fowler 53

Pete Fowler 54

Pete Fowler 55

Pete Fowler 56

Pete Fowler 57

Pete Fowler 58

Pete Fowler 59

Piran Aston

Polkadot Music Collective

Public Body

Raissa Pardini

Raissa Pardini 2

Raissa Pardini 3

Repeater Books

Repeater Books 2

Richard Norris

Richard Youngs

Rob Doyle

Rob Young

Robin Turner

Robin Turner 2

Roshi Goyate

Rough Trade Books

Rough Trade Books 2

Rough Trade Books 3

Rough Trade Books 4

Rough Trade Books 5


Sad Club Records

Sad Club Records 2

Sad Club Records 3

Sad Club Records 4


Seamus Fogarty

Secret DJ

Self Esteem

Sharan Hunjan

Sheena Patel

Sidney Fleminger-Thompson

Sidney Fleminger-Thompson 2

Simon Price

Simone Marie

Sink Ya Teeth


Smile End

Sonic Cathedral

Sonic Cathedral 2

Sonic Cathedral 3

Sonic Cathedral 4

Sonic Cathedral 5

Sophie Green


Speedy Wunderground

Spinny Nights


Steve Davis & Kavus Torabi

Steve Davis & Kavus Torabi 2

Steve Davis & Kavus Torabi 3

Steve Davis & Kavus Torabi 4

Steve Davis & Kavus Torabi 5

Steve Mason

Strong Island Recordings

Stuart Braithwaite (Mogwai)


St. Ove

St. Ove 2

Stick In The Wheel

Stranger Than Paradise

Sunnah Khan

Syd Minsky (Working Men’s Club)

Talk Show

Talk Show 2

Tash Cutts

Ted Kessler

Tilly Mackintosh

Timmy Wells

Token Girl DJs

Tom Baker

Tom Cox

Tom Robinson

Tom Robinson 2

Tot Taylor

Trades Club



UK Rave Comments


Wax Music

Wendy Erskine

Wendy Erskine 2

White Rabbit Books – (Mark Lanegan Book Launch)

White Rabbit Books 2

White Rabbit Books (Anniversary Playlist)


Who Say Reload

Wild Adoration

Will Burns

Will Burns 2

Will Burns 3

Will Burns 4

Will Orchard

Will Wall

Windmill Brixton


Woland 2

Working Men’s Club

Wych Elm

Yard Act

Yard Act 2


1 Of 100



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