Artist Mark James releases a timely new piece of work tomorrow, Friday 14th August. ANGERLAND is a set of three prints, depicting the iconic white plastic monobloc chair being flung through the air.

ANGERLAND is a creative response to the perpetual anger we seem to be surrounded by in this country these days; an insidious anger directed at each other instead of at the people responsible for the problems we face. 

The three prints are set at different times of the day, 15:30, 19:30 and 23:30. Released in an edition of 25 each. GiClee prints on 315gsm fine art archival acid free paper. 380 x 554 mm. Signed, Numbered, Stamped. 

Available online 14/08/20 from Mark’s website

‘ANGERLAND’’15:30’, ’19:30’ and ’23:30’

Edition of 25 each GiClee print on 315gsm fine art archival acid free paperDimensions: 380 x 554 mm Signed, Numbered, Stamped. Available online 14/08/20

Mark James is an artist, designer and filmmaker. His work includes art direction, video direction, photography, illustration and graphic design. He has designed record covers for various artists over the last 20 years.

His conceptual work is inspired by a mix of popular culture and social commentary and has gained a reputation for being challenging and controversial.