(Artwork by Jason Vaughan)

Ahead of their new EP release – ACID ZOO – next month, The White Hotel’s BOMB SNIFFING DOGS have sent us their new single and video – THE NATIONAL + – via track and trace. 

Check out the video here and BSD’s vocalist and lyricist, Austin Collings explains the makings of the single and the EP below . .

TWH may be locked down temporarily in a limbo of nightmare and the poison may be in the perfume called air, but our spirit floats on in a different form, pressed into a 12” black vinyl inside a limited edition white label EP called ACID ZOO. 

Through the bars of ACID ZOO you will hear 3 tracks – THE ICKE AGE, BLACK POOL & THE NATIONAL + – and 4 remixes by Leyland Kirby (The Caretaker), Richard Fearless, Lille Cykel (Posh Isolation) and Christoph de Babalon. 

Tragically fractured like the screen of a dropped phone, THE NATIONAL + is a 7-minute symphony of absurdity and raw imagination set outside WILKO and inside TESCO’S CHAINSAW MASSACRE.  

Around the day in eighty worlds, we have caught the wrong train to a new neurotic terrain. 

Come back to bed. We won’t make love. Love will make us. 

Austin Collings

ACID ZOO pre-order link