A few months back I had an opportunity to premiere my rarely seen feature documentary about Vashti Bunyan on the wonderful AM platform – an innovative online space for Welsh creatives to showcase their work. We were all taken aback by the incredible reception.

Since then, I’ve been inundated with requests from people across the world who missed the chance to view the film first time around on AM. So, to coincide with the seventh and final post of Vashti’s beautiful snapshot writings, we’ve decided to put the film up for one week only, exclusively here on the Social Gathering site (see below). The sheer breadth of contributions on this site have allowed my mind to drift away and daydream over these past few locked down months, meaning the Social Gathering felt like the perfect place to hostĀ From Here To BeforeĀ and tell you the extraordinary story of Vashti’s journey across Britain on a horse and cart at the end of the 60s. That journey led her to write her classic debut albumĀ Just Another Diamond DayĀ which celebrates its 50th Anniversary this November. It remainsĀ the perfect album to daydream to, almost like it was custom made to help guide us through these strange and trying times.

Kieran Evans