Apologies if this week’s condensed edition has arrived later than normal – the summer holidays have kicked in with all of the attendant issues that arise with kids shouting at you for sugar 24- 7. Over the last week, we’ve each left our immediate bubble and put tentative steps out into the wider world. In one case, that meant a stern case of Norovirus (family portion). In my case, it meant heading to London and a chance trip to the soon-to-open Design Museum exhibition Electronic: From Kraftwerk to the Chemical Brothers. 

Without wishing to give too much away – or to break the reviews embargo – it’s pretty bloody brilliant. At points, it’s the closest experience I’ve had to being in a proper dark and dank nightclub since this all kicked in. Violent strobes, over loud music and a long walk to the bog. Sound bleed. Madness. Possibly this is projection but at points its as beautiful and as strange as a great night out. The only thing missing was a group of mates.