This coming Monday is be the anniversary of our first Social Gathering post.

We thought when we started that we’d be doing something online for a month or two before the bar reopened and we forgot all about that weird time when we weren’t allowed out. 365 days, over 400 posts and one book later, we’re still gathering, and still waiting for the day we can reopen the Social and meet up in person.

To celebrate this unexpected milestone (millstone?), we’re hosting a night of special events with writing, films and conversations from some of our most staunch contributors and reflections on the year gone from many of our friends. I’m not going to hazard a guess as to how long we’ll be here following the anniversary – seems stupid to put a deadline on anything right now. Let’s just say we’ll keep this going for as long as it helps lift the spirits.

On the night, you’ll find…

William Basinski and David Keenan in conversation

‘The Sunless Sea’ – an exclusive new piece by Jennifer Lucy Allan and Heather Leigh

Joshua Idehen’s ‘2020 Was Broken and I Demand a Refund

+ Will Burns in conversation with our own Carl Gosling inside The Paper Lantern

There’s no charge and you can bring your own drinks. Sign up to We Are One via Eventbrite and see you Monday night.