This week all of us behind The Social Gathering have found ourselves staycationing all at once, in one way of another, somewhere or other . . so whilst this bar never closes we have been running on a slightly lower gear. Summer holiday vibes.

I for one have been enjoying hanging out in Sophie Green’s garden, drinking cold beers, sangria and wine even earlier than is new normal normal. Been relaxing with the whole Green-Gosling family, all the girls together. It’s been really lovely. I even went running, I won’t bore with you the split times because SG says I’m a show off (dm me for details), but lockdown and daily afterwork drinks have not been kind to my weight (kind of you not to have mentioned it already) but I knew and it is time to fight back. Feels less congested on the road, not so many new runners out and about, remember the start of lockdown, it was chaos out there with new running gear! Like my reading habits I tend to give up on exercise pretty quick so when I see you next ask how I’m getting on so I feel ashamed if I’ve knocked this new regime on the head already.

I was going to write something about Trump this week. I have become obsessed. Completely and utterly obsessed, it’s undignified. But it’s been a nice week and it’s too hot so I shall return to this subject at later date. But what a silly old fucker he is eh.

Anyway, hope you’re all well and finding some space to relax and have a break. Keeping healthy in both mind and body. Stay apart and stick together and enjoy this week’s Broadsheet.

The Social x